Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Trip to Kentucky - Views of the Homes I lived in as a Child - Relative in the War of 1776

In June I made a trip to Kentucky to do some research on our family history.  I was with my cousin Marian who is 85 and a delightful lady.  She has been working on family history for about 50 years.  She has an unbelievable amount of information.  I know you don't want to hear about our family so I'll let you see some of the photos I took and maybe a little about the family. 
The above photo is the view from my mother, father and grandfather's grave site.  They have all been gone over 40 years and I see this as a beautiful place to lie.
The weather was amazing and the sky was so blue with big puffy clouds every day I was there.

This grave stone has been replaced - look at the dates and he was in the war in 1776!

Another relative who the family had the original gravestone replaced.  The original stones are still there. 

This cemetery which was a small one off a gravel road and shaded by trees was so pretty and peaceful.   I looked up to see  the amazing sky.
This is downtown of this tiny town I was raised in and it was hard to get a good photo.  There isn't much there.

This is the grade school that I went to but the part of the building to the right was not there in the 50's and 60's.  It's not a grade school anymore.

This is one of the houses that I lived in growing up.  My father built all of our homes.

The last house we lived in and the highway runs in front so I ended up taking a photo of a car going by.

This is the little house that I came home from the hospital to.  We called it the block house since the exterior was concrete block but now they had siding on it.

This house sits back off the road and I didn't want to get too close and bother the people.  This was a beautiful home and still is.
Well that is this part of the trip.  I also visited Janice Holt Giles home as she has always been a favorite author of mine.  I never seem to have the time to visit her home place so this time I made the time to do it.
I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday - I'm on vacation the rest of this week and this morning I started working on the garage.  After the remodel last year I just gave up and now it's time to get cleaned out and get rid of some items.
Anyone else having a lot of rain?  It's raining in Indiana every day and I said I wouldn't have to go to Ireland to see the green as we are so green here!!
I've started back sewing after a spell where I was just not interested.  I have one top (easy) done and another half done.  I'll show you soon!!


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