Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Walk at Mill Race and More Money Saved

Mill Race is a local park and it sits beside the river.  In rainy times it's very likely to flood.
The above photo is of the man made pond and the covered bridge.  This is an old bridge and you can still drive through it.  There are usually geese in the pond but I think today it was too hot for much of anything.

On the river there were a couple of guys fishing.  A beautiful morning to do that but I would think it was hot out there in the sun. 

People were walking their dogs and biking.  You have to be careful on these trails as there are people walking and biking.  I try to walk very close to the edge and stay out of the way.

This is a picnic area by the river and sometimes a group of us eat here at lunch time.  Sometimes if the day is stressful I eat here alone.  You just need peace and quiet!!

I love the shadows here and once you walk under the trees you can feel the temp. change, the quietness and there is a peace of walking in here.

This is the bench I sat on for a few minutes and I had a friend there for a few seconds.

Walking along the path you can see where trees and debris have floated down and then become stuck.  It adds character to the area I think.  I think this would make a good landscape quilt.
The rest of the day has consisted of laundry and cleaning my sewing room.  Right now it's in a bigger mess than it was.  I like to organize as I clean and try to find ways to make more room.  What I've done so far looks good.
Yesterday I helped a friend with her granddaughters birthday party.  We had a sewing party and all of the girls made pillow cases and then they used markers and designed a quilt block for the birthday girl.  Her grandmother will put these together and make it a wall hanging  for her 10th birthday.  It was fun and there is always one that is amazing and she had her pillow case completed first and wanted to sew something else.  It was like she just knew how to sew.  We have that when we teach the 7th grade girls to sew.  There are always a few that are just so talented.
Have a great week!!
ps - I found another quilt that is almost completed!  I have sewing group tomorrow so I'll take it with me and figure out what it needs.  Remember the last one only had one block left.  Right now I have 4 quilts that need to go to the quilter but I don't have the extra money!!!
pss - I added $8.00 to my savings today as that's what I had in my pocket.  So instead of $6.00 if you follow the scale I have $28.00!!  $1,340.00 more to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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