Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Projects in July

The photo above and below are what I'm calling sky scape.  I saw a quilt on a blog and then couldn't find it so I think this is close.  I'm using all batik scraps for the buildings and then white.  Neither of these two blocks made the cut for the quilt as I decided to go with one color of white for the sky.  I had thought about using different blues for the sky but I knew that I had quite a few blues in it already.  I like the contrast between the white and the colors.  I have two rows sewn together.

This is just something hanging out on my desin wall.  I love funky buildings!!

This photo below is the quilt that I found that needed one nine patch block sewn and then the last row sewn together.  This is an easy peasy quilt and I just don't understand what happened.  I think that I was working on it when I moved my sewing room and somehow it was folded into a plastic container.  As I've said before I need more money before all of these quilts are sent to the quilter.  This quilt is 90" x 98" so it's a whopper.

Hope you're having a good week!!!

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