Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Quilt Retreat Blog II

Here is Suzy when we took a walk down by the lake.

Suzy worked on the quilt on the left all week-end.  She had everything cut out from a jelly roll but  this as you can see has a lot of seams to sew. 

This is for her son and daughter-in-law and they like modern and Suzy chose grey for the strips in between.  I wasn't crazy about the grey until she had it this far and then I love it!!  The colors just pop!
I made a quilt with this fabric and I will be showing you next time as I finally got the binding completed.

There were 5 ladies that stayed up all night on Friday nite.  They made these things that sit under your sewing machine.  Well I wanted one also so Joy helped me and I made one for me and one for Suzy.  Suzy's has the green where my pink is and I put her name on hers like I did mine.  There are two levels of pockets and for the middle I made it so that a 6.5 inch ruler would fit in there.  I also made pin cushions to match but mine still needs to have the part sewed where I put the stuffing.  This was fun and quick to make.  I would make it with just two colors next time.  I'll take a photo of Suzy's and also of the pin cushions and post it soon.

See how my machine is raised and tilted?  One of the ladies had her husband make some of these and sold them for $20.00!  I can attest to the fact that the burning in my back improved and it helped me to sit up straighter.  I tend to want to lean over my machine so I can see better.  If anyone is interested in these I will see if her husband is interested in making more.  Everyone she had was sold!!

This is the ABC quilt that I made a week ago and my quilter quilted it fast!!  Her quilting just makes this quilt as she did it in the alphabet!!!  The i has a heart for the dot!!  So so cute!!

Here are some close ups and if you click on them they should enlarge so that you can see the detail.

I found this number fabric in my stash (don't remember buying it) so I added to the blocks on the bottom row around Z and I still had enough for the back!!!  I sure hope they like the quilt!!  I have the binding sewn on but need to sew the one side.

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Sheri said...

that abc quilt is very cute! and you're right, the quilter did an excellent job and I love the heart that dots the i!