Saturday, October 4, 2008

I went for an early morning walk to take some photos and see downtown without all the people and cars. So quiet and very beautiful. I work with people all day and when I have the opportunity I just want quiet. I think this is an older thing as I haven't always been like this.

I'll tell you about some of my photos - this one on the bottom left is the sun coming up and I think it's going to be a beautiful day.

The one on the left at the top is a leaf and stems of grass with droplets of water clinging to them.
The one on the right is a spider web that is part of a window box in front of Smith's Row which is the nicest restaurant in town and one of my favorites for lunch.
This is Saturday so I need to start laundry, sew, put the electric blanket on the bed as I'm not turning on the heat. Why do we have do to do the drudge stuff so that we can have fun and sew? I'd like to be able to sew all the time and think of things to make. Oh Well!! :)
Hope your day is beautiful and that the sun shines on your shoulders and that you have the opportunity to play.

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